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Coating line Index Tabel
Coating line Index Tabel

Coating line Index Tabel

Product Detail

Painted by robot to ensure the product quality satbility

UV varnish is recyclable by equipping UV varnish collection system

Transported by grand rail chain, and spped adjustable Partial automation can be realized by using transfer robot

UV lamp layout is flexible to meet the requirement of solidification of complex curved surface

UV light system is optional depends on customer’s requirement:

1. Using transformer sectional adjustment, power is 50%, 75%, 100% adjustable.

2. Using electronic frequency conversion power supply, power stepless adjustment;

3. Using electrodeless UV lamp system, high UV energy and fast curing speed

Equipment air circulation clean system

Air volume adjustable by inverter

Controlled by PLC, each device’s operation parameters


Coating line Index Tabel for sale

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