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Advantages and disadvantages of bmw f10 h7 led
 Oct 09, 2021|View:323

In recent years, BMW's new models, almost all of them use LED headlights as a senior configuration, it is difficult to see the body of xenon headlights, it has slowly ceased to exist, so we feel strange.

bmw f10 h7 led

The advantages of bmw f10 h7 led.

BMW F10 h7 led too strong about. LED's long life, generally up to tens of thousands or even 100,000 hours, directly covering the full life cycle of the vehicle, if there is no external force (such as a car accident impact), the car is broken lights are not necessarily bad; and bmw f10 h7 led extremely high efficiency, the electrical energy conversion rate of up to 80%.

The biggest advantage of bmw f10 h7 led is the optimization of the structure. In the past, halogen and xenon lights, they always still need bulb structure, either one each for high and low light, or one for high and low light, all the design of the front of the car, is around that one or two bulbs. And bmw f10 h7 led itself no bulb structure, as a light-emitting diode, it can be derived from a myriad of forms.

You can use one or two large LEDs to form a light source like traditional headlights, you can also put four or five medium-sized LEDs in a row, you can also use dozens of small-sized LEDs to get a matrix.

The flexible structure of the bmw f10 h7 led also makes it crush the xenon lamp in terms of functionality. Through programming, each LED can be individually controlled on and off, brightness, and even the direction of lighting. For example, many car companies have now developed intelligent headlights, in the meeting, automatically reduce the brightness of the object of irradiation oncoming cars; in the vehicle turn, the headlights turn in advance to illuminate the dead end; in bad weather, all the lamp beads will be concentrated in one direction to enhance the field of vision ...... these functions are based on LED lights, in xenon lamps is very difficult to The LED lights are based on LED lights, which are difficult to achieve on xenon lights.

MW 5 Series 2016 F10 Auto headlamp

Disadvantages of bmw f10 h7 led.

BMW F10 h7 led the most important defect is that the work emits a lot of heat, if not dissipated in a timely manner, will seriously affect the performance and life of the LED, the solution is also very simple, car companies often add a strong heat sink to the rear of the LED. bmw f10 h7 led another problem is the high cost, the cost is more than twice the cost of xenon, four times the halogen lamp.