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How to choose car lights, halogen projector headlamps or LED headlights
 Oct 14, 2021|View:308

LED lights have now become the standard for many cars, but there are still many older drivers who insist on using halogen projector headlamps.Why is that? Let's find out.

LED headlights

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LED headlights are the more popular lights in recent years, why LED headlights can be popular? Because its advantages are too obvious, its low energy consumption and long life, can save a lot of electricity is also very durable and not easy to break, and then it is relatively high brightness, and lighting speed. These advantages are very prominent, so LED headlights will be popular very quickly, but there are some disadvantages of LED lights, such as higher prices, poor penetration ability.

The high price of this is actually not a major drawback, because it is more durable, under normal circumstances can be used for several years will not be bad, as people often say "a penny a penny", durable but high price, the overall cost performance is still acceptable. Poor penetration ability is indeed a relatively obvious shortcomings, especially in the rain and fog, LED lights can play a very small role, which is not much help to driving safety. But overall, in addition to the rain and fog, LED lights in normal circumstances or very good use.

halogen projector headlamps

halogen projector headlamps

halogen projector headlamps are also standard in cars before LED headlights are popular, but its own advantages and disadvantages are relatively obvious. The advantages are cheap and strong penetrating ability, the price is cheap so many low models will choose halogen projector headlamps, so as to reduce the cost of the car, and strong penetrating ability can well cope with the rain and fog weather, to ensure the safety of driving.

The disadvantage of halogen projector headlamps is the short irradiation distance, high energy consumption and short life, although strong penetrating ability but short irradiation distance, in some sections of the road without street lights, the short irradiation distance will be more difficult, and high energy consumption, short life, easy to fail is also a few points that people care more. The color of halogen lights is yellowish, known figuratively as "candle lights", some people do not like the yellow light.

How to choose lights

After reading the advantages and disadvantages of LED headlights and halogen projector headlamps, some people may feel that LED headlights will be better, indeed LED headlights than halogen projector headlamps brighter, longer irradiation distance, lower energy consumption, longer life. Although the penetrating ability is worse than halogen headlamps, but not often there will be rain and fog days, so the choice of LED lights will be more reasonable. Then why are there still many old drivers insist on using halogen projector headlamps? This is because in long-distance night driving, LED lights to the ground will have light refraction, long time eyes will be very fatigue, and halogen projector headlamps will not, so from driving safety considerations, often driving night halogen projector headlamps will be better.

Conclusion: In addition to LED headlights and halogen projector headlamps there is a xenon headlamps, are more mainstream car headlights, the advantages of xenon headlights is a long range, but the stability is poor, the light also has a delay. The choice of lights is based on their own situation, often driving at night it is recommended to choose halogen projector headlamps.