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Whether headlamp leveling motor can be replaced
 Dec 15, 2021|View:280

The headlamp leveling motoravoids danger by adjusting the height of the headlamp for the best distance of exposure. This is a safe headlight configuration that generally uses an electric motor to adjust the headlight height electrically. Headlamp leveling motor can be replaced, but want to buy their own motor is not easy to find, 4s shop is not ready, are to order from manufacturers.

headlamp levelling motor

The headlamp leveling motor is installed in the headlamp of the automobile, and the motor screw is pushed to the outside of the reflective surface of the headlamp. When the headlamp leveling motor operates, the pitch screw of the headlamp leveling motor stretches and contracts to drive the movement of the headlamp reflective surface, adjust the height of the focal length of the reflected light to achieve the effect of adjusting the headlamp. Headlamp leveling motor regulator switch installed in the car dashboard, headlamp height control knob is generally on the left side of the dashboard, with the light control switch side. Normally, there are 0 to 3 numbers on the knob, and the higher the number, the lower the height. In most cases, the position of 0 is sufficient. 0 is the initial position, is the level of height, suitable for the front row, the case of empty luggage, 1-3 block is suitable for vehicles full, the case of full luggage. Under the influence of heavy load in the trunk, long-term vibration, and high and low road conditions, the automobile headlamps will cause the radiation direction to deviate from the standard direction, the function of headlamp leveling motor is to adjust the direction of the headlamp from the direction of deviation to the standard direction, thus improving the lighting effect of the headlamp.

headlamp leveling motor

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