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Headlamp Assembly Line

Key technologies of headlamp assembly line
1.Screw tightening technology - Torque, sequence and quantity monitoring of the process that requires screw connection by Ingersoll-Rand screwdriver
2.Quick jig change - High version of headlamp assembly, quick change of jig to achieve the corresponding assembly function
3. POKA-YOKE technology - each device uses a proven and stable error-proof technology to ensure that the current workstation does not miss a load of goods
4.Bar code scanner technology - use Cognex scanner to match the products to be scanned and realize the interlocking function of the corresponding station
5. Pulling technology - the lens module is assembled into the housing for pulling verification to ensure that it is within the set qualified range
6. Pre-checking equipment - through the lighting protocol and visual inspection technology, partial functional testing of the half cost housing components
7. Air leakage test ------ Air leakage test of the whole lamp by ATEQ professional air leakage tester