UV Coating Line

UV Coating Line

  • UV light curing coating, also called Hard coating. When the automobile is running quickly, because of sharp friction with air, temperature on the headlamp surface can reach 90-100 degree, and light need to go through the lens, so the light transmittance of lens material need to reach more than 85%. Now most of the automobile manufactures choose PC (polycarbonate) for making lens, PC belongs to non-crystalline plastic, low hardness, and as one parts of automobile moulding surface, headlamp and automobile body are an integral whole, it will also withstand the impact of sand and sunlight, only relying on PC plastic surface hardness is far from meeting the requirements, therefore, PC lens must be in process of hard coating to make the surface pencil hardness reach 2H standard after molding.

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  • Painted by robot to ensure the product quality satbility
  • UV varnish is recyclable by equipping UV varnish collection system
  • Transported by grand rail chain, and spped adjustable Partial automation can be realized by using transfer robot
  • UV lamp layout is flexible to meet the requirement of solidification of complex curved surface
  • UV light system is optional depends on customer’s requirement:
  • Using transformer sectional adjustment, power is 50%, 75%, 100% adjustable.
  • Using electronic frequency conversion power supply, power stepless adjustment;
  • Using electrodeless UV lamp system, high UV energy and fast curing speed
  • Equipment air circulation clean system
  • Air volume adjustable by inverter
  • Controlled by PLC, each device’s operation parameters

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UV Coating Line
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