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The reason why some lights are high and low is because of the headlamp leveling motor
 Oct 19, 2021|View:363

headlamp leveling motor for driving safety is very important, especially at night or when the light is low, the light of the car headlights is also on other models or pedestrians travel, such as night open high beam, so that the opposite car or traffic in front of the white, nothing can be seen, also easy to lead to traffic accidents, which is very unethical behavior.

headlight leveling motor

So, how to do, in order to ensure their own driving safety, but also will not affect other traffic participants? Many people are smart enough to adjust their car's low beam to one high and one low. However, this is not possible in all cars. Some cars can only adjust the high beam, and some can adjust both the high and low beam.

There is a headlamp leveling motor inside the car's light cluster. The headlamp leveling motor refers to the situation that the headlights of a car will deviate from the standard direction under the influence of body weight, long time vibration, high and low road conditions, etc. The function of the headlamp leveling motor is to adjust the headlight irradiation direction from the deviation direction back to the standard direction, so as to improve the lighting effect of the headlights.

headlamp leveling motor

Therefore, many cars are designed for safety reasons, so that the lights are lowered to avoid affecting the view of the driver of the oncoming car.

At present, the headlamp leveling motor mainly has two ways: manual way mainly consists of headlamp leveling motor and manual switch, headlamp leveling motor at the front lights, the control part in the cab, there is a manual switch on the dashboard, rely on the driver according to their needs The automatic type consists of headlamp leveling motor, controller and level sensor, the level sensor is installed in the front and rear of the body, mainly detecting the height of the car chassis to the ground, transmitting the height difference to the controller by way of electric signal, the controller compares and calculates to control the headlamp leveling motor, thus The controller compares and calculates to control the headlamp leveling motor, so as to complete the automatic adjustment function of the headlamp.