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bmw f30 (f10) xenon headlights inside a fog normal
 Oct 25, 2021|View:437

Often new BMW owners ask bmw f30 (f10) xenon headlights fogging problem, suspect their car has problems, that bmw f30 (f10) xenon headlights fogging is not normal?

bmw f10 xenon headlight

Answer: In fact, bmw f30 (f10) xenon headlights fogging is not normal, depending on the degree of fogging, general headlights 1/3 below fogging, or headlights you fog will not condense into water droplets flow down, in addition to open the headlights within half an hour after the fog will disappear, such fogging is certainly normal.

Why say fogging is still normal? First look at the bmw f30 (f10) xenon headlights fogging causes.

bmw f30 (f10) xenon headlights in order to dissipate heat and the use of unsealed design, the lights have an intake hole and an exhaust hole, these two holes are used to balance the air temperature inside the lights, through the exhaust hole to exhaust the hot air, through the intake hole to suck in the cold air outside, when the outside air is wet (such as rain and snow), is inhaled with relatively large moisture air, and so off the headlights, the lights inside the temperature is low, the air sucked in will condense into fog.

PS: air inlet and exhaust holes are waterproof breathable film (filter sponge), this can prevent the entry of liquid water, but can not prevent water vapor.

In addition, BMW official information is also related to the elaboration of.

Headlight condensation depends on the environmental conditions around the vehicle, the following conditions may lead to the phenomenon of headlight condensation.

bmw f30 xenon headlights

1、Winter, rainy season, car wash and other humid environment may lead to the phenomenon of water vapor inside the headlights.

2, First driving with the headlights on, then making the headlights cool in a high humidity and heat environment such as a car repair room, and then making the car outdoors where the temperature is lower: the headlights may condense both when the car is stationary and when it is started.

3、The headlights are cooled quickly (temperature drop) after working in (automatic car wash or rain): when the car is stationary, the headlights may condense.

4、Cooling when the car is stationary: the headlights may condense when the car is stationary and when it is starting.

5、Strong sunlight, but the outside temperature of the car is low, and previously worked in hot and humid conditions, bmw f30 (f10) xenon headlights condensation may occur when the car is stationary.