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Introduction of headlamp leveling motor
 Nov 03, 2021|View:387

The lights are an important part of the car's appearance and safety, and the role of the front combination lights is an important part of the car's active safety. The lights are used to ensure that the road ahead is illuminated and that there is no dazzling effect on oncoming traffic.

headlight leveling motor

The front combination light is the most complex of the car lights. Generally speaking, the front combination lights are mainly composed of high beam, low beam, turn signal and position light. Among them, the light distribution of far light and near light is the key point and difficult point of lamp design. In order to ensure that the headlamp has enough illumination and wide enough lighting range after installation, it also needs to be glare-free and adjusted for different road conditions and different loads caused by light deviation, which requires a headlamp leveling motor to maintain the light pattern of the headlamp after installation.

The correct adjustment of the headlamp light is very important, the height of its beam directivity not only affects the actual irradiation effect, but also has a great impact on the driving safety of yourself and other vehicles. Car headlights beam height is too high, can not shine the ground; height is too low, the irradiation distance is too short.

Headlamp leveling motor can be divided into manual dimming system and automatic dimming system; from the realization of the structure can be divided into screw adjustment, gear drive adjustment, electric motor adjustment and adaptive adjustment (AFS) and so on.


Headlamp leveling motor must sit in the driver's seat can be operated, so in addition to the adaptive dimming system, there are corresponding headlamp leveling motor in the cab, control the motor on the lamps to adjust. The driver through the dimmer switch installed in the cab, the different voltage output to the headlamp leveling motor. motor according to its own characteristics curve and input voltage value, control the movement of the motor adjusting rod stroke, so as to achieve the purpose of dimming.