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Night driving, 4 benefits of bmw 3 series xenon headlights
 Nov 17, 2021|View:357

the most hateful thing about driving at night is that the incoming car does not change the headlights, even at traffic lights with high beams, 2 km away from the car feel uncomfortable.

bmw 3 series xenon headlights

buy BMW, car headlights will be as a configuration, let you choose to choose, high configuration car, bmw 3 series xenon headlights, medium and low configuration halogen headlights.

First: what is bmw 3 series xenon headlights?

xenon headlights break through Edison's tungsten filament luminescence principle and play with a higher level of sophistication.

xenon headlights use matching electronic ballasts to instantly raise the car battery 12V voltage to a trigger voltage of 23KV or more, ionizing the xenon gas in xenon headlights to form an arc discharge and make it glow steadily, providing a stable automotive headlight lighting system.

What is the difference between bmw 3 series xenon headlights and other headlights?

1. xenon headlights than halogen headlights, in terms of luminous flux is more than two times that of halogen lamps, the efficiency of electrical energy into light energy is also more than 70% higher than halogen lamps.

2. LED headlights are also good, but in the light penetration rate, as well as the long-range performance, LED headlights are far less than xenon headlights shine far.

LED headlights are more energy-efficient and power-saving, but its luminous characteristics determine that it is not destined to shine far.

Second: bmw 3 series xenon headlights what are the benefits?

1. is a high brightness of light, irradiated farther; 2.

2. flashing light effect is good; whether overtaking, or remind, whether day or night, headlights a flash, the other party will sense you.

3. Longer life; it is said that the use of not bad, with 500,000 flash life, unless you crash, save always change the bulb, especially the southern weather is too damp, the bulb does not move poor contact;.

4. can save electricity.

bmw f10 xenon headlight

Fourth: bmw 3 series xenon headlights also have a lot of problems.

I saw on the Internet, modified xenon headlights poor light gathering, fault lights will light up, will burn the computer board, some individual models will automatically turn off the engine and other adverse reactions.

These are because the modification of the product and the original car is not ideal, not that the product does not work.