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halogen projector headlamps need to be upgraded to xenon headlights or LED headlights?
 Nov 22, 2021|View:333

With the development of the automotive market becoming more and more mature, the development of products by car companies has become more and more expected. For example, there are many kinds of car headlights, including halogen projector headlamps, xenon headlamps and LED headlamps. Among them, halogen projector headlamps are traditional headlamps, and are now very common. But many people want to know whether it is necessary to upgrade the halogen projector headlamps to xenon headlamps or LED headlamps? This question asked the veteran driver, most people will recommend not to change, for the following reasons:

halogen projector headlamps

First, halogen projector headlamps are cheap and practical.

halogen projector headlamps shine out of the light evenly and softly, which leads to the lighting effect than the other two headlights, but to meet the needs of daily travel is completely adequate. And its simple structure, low cost and practical, even after the need for repair is also relatively cheap. In addition, when it comes to rain and fog, halogen projector headlamps penetration than the other headlights are stronger, improving the safety of the driver.

While xenon headlamps are very bright, but because they have to be installed with a lens to focus the light, which makes it very troublesome. LED headlights, although all aspects of performance are very satisfactory, but the price is too expensive, about 5-10 times more than halogen, but also to configure an additional radiator, etc., after the failure of the repair costs are also very high. So many people feel no need to go back to the halogen headlights for modification.

Second, upgrading car headlights is not easy to operate, and it hurts the car a lot.

It may sound like an easy thing to upgrade halogen projector headlamps, but it's actually not that easy to operate. Whether you want to modify xenon headlamps or LED headlamps, first of all, you have to remove the headlamps completely, then bake them in the oven and break them down, and then go through a series of complicated steps such as positioning and drilling.

Such an operation is not anyone can complete, if the modification staff is not professional enough, operation is not skilled, it is easy to cause damage to the car, shorten the life of the car. If the wiring is not correct, resulting in a short circuit, it will also lead to auto spontaneous combustion.

In addition, the car headlights after disassembly, the seal may not be as good as before, easy to produce water fogging phenomenon. This will not only lead to easy scrapping of the headlights, but also affect the light transmission rate of the lamp housing, which is a great threat to the safety of the driver and passengers.

Third, after replacing the car headlights may not pass the car inspection.

Car headlights are equivalent to the car's "eyes", and generally speaking, they cannot be replaced at will.

In addition, if you encounter a traffic accident, some auto insurance companies refuse to compensate for private modification of lights, which will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble.

halogen headlamps

Consumers are now facing more and more diverse choices when buying a car, from the model to the configuration of the car or even a part. And car headlights for the car is a vital component, especially for those who often run the night road friends, so when buying a car should be carefully considered, choose the really suitable for you halogen projector headlamps is the best.