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Headlamp leveling motor failure and other fault analysis
 Dec 06, 2021|View:405

1. What should I do if the headlamp leveling motor is not working?

When the car ran more than 1000 km, I found that the headlamp leveling motor is not working, what happened?

Reply: This phenomenon should be the headlamp internal adjusting motor does not work fault, this fault is not eliminated by eliminating the fault, you need to check the corresponding fault parts according to the fault code tips, so when you help the service station to check and repair, you need to tell each other to eliminate the fault code, but also check and repair.

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What happens when the car alarm sounds by itself?

The car alarm will sound by itself every few hours, and it will not sound when the lock button is pressed.

Reply: It is recommended to go to a repair store to check the anti-theft system, such as each door door side sensor, hood switch, etc., whether there is a poor contact phenomenon, if such a problem occurs, you can adjust or replace.

What is the reason for the scratches on the brake disc?

I recently found scratches on the left brake disc of my car.

Answer: The scratches on the brake disc are caused by tiny grains of sand entering between the brake pad and the brake disc and embedded in the brake pad during normal use, which will not affect the safety of the brakes under normal circumstances. If you are not sure, you can ask the S store to perform disc treatment on the vehicle's brake discs.

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How to solve the air leakage from the car door?

There is some air leakage from the car door, how should I do this?

Answer: The air leakage is mainly related to the door seal. In addition, check whether the harness is poorly sealed; the sound of closing the door may be related to improper adjustment of the door lock and lock pillar, improper adjustment of the door lock block position will lead to abnormal closing sound, or the phenomenon of not easy to switch. You can go to the auto parts city to install door seals.