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Introduction to the working principle and regulation process of headlamp leveling motor
 Dec 09, 2021|View:257

Headlamp leveling motor can be divided into manual dimming system and automatic dimming system from the control mode; from the realization of the structure can be divided into screw adjustment, gear drive adjustment, motor adjustment and adaptive adjustment (AFS) and other four kinds of adjustment. As the manual headlight dimming device must be sitting in the driver's seat to be operated, so in addition to the adaptive dimming system, the other three ways are manual dimming system, there are corresponding control devices in the cab. The motor adjustment is often combined with screw and gear adjustment.

headlamp leveling motor

The control method of headlamp leveling motor is divided into mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, adjustable resistance - motor type (including the advanced AFS system). The mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic types are mostly used in the field of commercial vehicles, and the adjustment accuracy is not high, which has been basically replaced by the electric motor adjustment type.

headlight leveling motor

The working process of headlamp leveling motor: the adjustment switch is installed on the dashboard of the car or the rotary button under the steering wheel on the left (i.e. under the air conditioning outlet), generally there are 5 gears respectively: 0, 1, 2, 3 and the default gear (there are also infinitely adjustable), the actuator is the headlamp regulator installed in the headlamp (or headlamp exterior), the headlamp Adjustment screw top to the outside of the headlight luminous surface, work with the switch adjustment, the headlight regulator of the knuckle screw for expansion movement, drive the headlight reflective surface movement adjustment, so as to adjust the reflected light focal height, to achieve the effect of adjusting the headlight.

How to adjust the headlamp height?

The headlamp leveling motor can adjust the height of the headlamp near and far light.

There are "0", "1", "2", "3", four gears

The headlight height adjustment knob is located at the bottom left of the steering wheel

You can adjust the height of the headlights through this knob

The lower the corresponding number on the knob, the higher the illumination height and the further the light distance. Set to "0" for high light position, "3" for low light position

When you feel that the low beam light is short (near), you can adjust the height of the light and dark cut-off line appropriately.

When adjusting, the height of the low beam and high beam will move at the same time, it is normal to hear the sound of the motor at this time.

Note: The dimming motor will work only when the low beam is open; if you want to observe the change of light in each gear, you can observe the change of light height on the light irradiation wall.