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What are the features and benefits of bmw f10 xenon headlight
 Dec 28, 2021|View:518
Features and benefits of the bmw f10 xenon headlight

When you drive at night, you may have noticed a white to yellowish or blue glow. This happens because the bulbs inside the headlights, bmw f10 xenon headlight, are a highly used type of car, and they provide brighter illumination than standard halogen bulbs.

bmw f10 xenon headlight

What are xenon headlights?

The name comes from the xenon gas used inside the bulbs, also known as high intensity discharge or HID bulbs, which produce bright white light that enhances night vision.

These bulbs differ from the widely used halogen bulbs in that they do not fit into standard headlight sockets. They illuminate almost 90 percent brighter, allowing drivers to see the road better at night.

HID bulbs are equipped with xenon gas inside, which emits a bright white light when an electric arc is passed. They last longer than halogen lamps because there are no wires to heat and burn.

Each xenon bulb has a ballast that controls starting by passing a high-voltage pulse of up to 30 kV inside the bulb. This huge electrical charge pressurizes the gas and raises the temperature dramatically. It goes along with the metal salts in the bulb and evaporates them, thus helping to create a bridge between the two electrodes, a chemical reaction that helps the xenon bulb to light up.

Once the bulb reaches optimal brightness, the ballast will control it by regulating the power supplied to the system. By ensuring a constant voltage supply, a stable arc is created between the electrodes.

What are the benefits of the bmw f10 xenon headlight?

Why would anyone want to use these headlights in a car? After all, they are more expensive and brighter than halogen headlights.

bmw f30 xenon headlights

Throws a farther and wider light

These headlights have a higher intensity of illumination and can cast light farther ahead of your vehicle, thus ensuring your safety while driving at high speeds. Assuming you are driving at 70 km mile per hour, your car will cover nearly 32 meters per second. At such a fast speed, a pair of lights covering extra distance comes in very handy. You can recognize anomalies in the distance and can press the brake pedal on time.

Not only can they project light farther away, but they can also project a wider light, which means they can illuminate a larger area of road ahead. The wide flash is especially helpful for spotting cyclists. In contrast, the dull patches of halogen headlights are not even visible.

More energy efficient

Like the super-efficient LED bulbs, the bmw f10 xenon headlight uses less energy than the light it produces. Sure, they use more energy to start up, but they consume much less than halogen headlights do when they're running.

Longer life

LED systems outperform all other systems in terms of longevity. It can provide up to 25,000 hours of service. bmw f10 xenon headlights are far behind the longer-lasting LEDs, but they are a better choice than halogen.