How to choose electrostatic spraying equipment?

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Electrostatic spraying equipment includes electrostatic powder spraying (also known as electrostatic plastic spraying) and electrostatic paint spraying. Its working principle is that a high-voltage electrostatic field is formed between the high voltage of the electrode needle of the spray gun (or the high voltage of the rotating disc cup) and the workpiece, the air near the gun mouth is ionized, and the paint particles are charged through the gun mouth, becoming Point particle. Under the effect of the electric field force, these charged paint particles enhance their adsorption on the workpiece surface, For small workpieces, there is also a coating surround effect. At the same time, coating particles with the same charge have repulsive forces between them, further atomizing the liquid material, producing a finer atomization effect. Compared with ordinary air spraying, it has the characteristics of saving paint, environmental protection, and high efficiency.

The main conditions of electrostatic spraying equipment:
1. The workpiece is reliably grounded and can conduct electricity
2. It is best to adjust the resistivity of the paint between 500~900K Ω, and the greater the deviation from this value, the worse the electrostatic effect
3. When spraying water-based paint, the paint supply system such as the spraying pump should have reliable insulation devices
The main characteristics of electrostatic spraying equipment:
1. Spraying small metal parts and irregular parts has obvious advantages in saving paint and embracing them
2. Good paint mist atomization effect, with good decorative properties on the surface of painted workpieces (excluding electrostatic spraying)
3. It belongs to the energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient spraying equipment. When spraying large parts, the energy-saving and environmentally friendly effect is second only to air assisted airless spraying. Spraying small parts with energy-saving paint has the best environmental protection effect with electrostatic powder spraying (plastic spraying) equipment.

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