How to maintain the painting line?

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1、 Daily inspection and maintenance of the coating line
1. Distribution cabinet: Check that all indicator lights, buttons, and instruments in the distribution cabinet are intact and in normal working condition; There are no metal objects or any debris unrelated to the equipment inside the distribution cabinet. Check for any damage to the circuit, ensure that all electrical components are set correctly, and ensure normal operation.
2. Cleaning mechanism: Check if there is water leakage in the pipeline, whether there is any abnormal noise in each water circulation motor and water pump, test the surface temperature of the motor, and ensure that the top exhaust fan operates normally.
3. Drying and curing oven: Check the working status of the combustion machine, check if there is any abnormal noise from the circulating fan, test the surface temperature of the motor, and ensure that the top exhaust fan is working normally.
4. Coating line conveyor belt: Check the drive device motor for any abnormal noise, conduct temperature testing, and ensure that the triangular belt is not worn; Inspection of reducer operation status, Gear oil quantity and meshing condition of gear and chain, no chain stacking; Check the lubrication condition of the chain. If the chain is found to be dry, add high-temperature resistant lubricating oil in a timely manner.
5. Inspection of the lubrication of the horizontal and vertical guide rails of the spray guns on both sides, as well as the pressure and radiator of the cold drying machine.
2、 Monthly maintenance of painting line
1. Power distribution cabinet: Regularly clean the power distribution cabinet, tighten all wiring terminals, inspect the action contacts of contactors, relays, etc. for any erosion, repair defective products, or replace with new ones.
2. Body: Regularly use a megohmmeter to shake and measure the insulation resistance of the motor's three-phase to ground, to eliminate short circuit faults between the motor and ground, in order to avoid danger; Regularly use clamp Ammeter to check the current balance of three-phase motor, so as to avoid damage to the motor due to lack of phase; Check the pipeline for looseness and tighten it in a timely manner; Add butter to the pump body and transmission mechanism to reduce wear and tear; The combustion engine should regularly remove its outer cover to clean dust.
3. Coating line conveyor belt: the drive reducer shall be regularly replaced with Gear oil (150 # Gear oil), and the counterweight and tensioning mechanism shall be adjusted to ensure that the tensioning mechanism can expand and contract freely under force; Regularly add temperature resistant lubricating oil to the chain to ensure a moderate amount of oil and good chain lubrication.
4. Clean dust and lubricate the guide rail of the spray gun mechanism; Clean the dust from the cooling fins of the cold dryer.