What equipment does the painting line consist of?

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The so-called coating refers to covering metal and non-metal surfaces with a protective or decorative layer. With the development of industrial technology, painting has shifted from manual to industrial automation, and the degree of automation is increasing. Therefore, the application of painting production lines is becoming more and more widespread, and has penetrated into multiple fields of the national economy.
The coating production line is mainly composed of pretreatment electrophoresis line (electrophoretic paint is the earliest developed water-based paint, which is characterized by high coating efficiency, Economic security, less pollution, and can realize fully automated management. Pretreatment is required before coating electrophoretic paint), sealing primer line, intermediate coating line, surface coating line, finishing line and drying system.
The design of each drying system on the entire coating production line is based on foreign design concepts and parameters. The drying chamber adopts a bridge structure (excluding sealed bottom coating furnaces), ensuring the uniformity and stability of furnace temperature and improving the efficiency of thermal energy; The heating device adopts imported burners and control systems. After testing, each drying system operates well and stably, and the temperature curve is smooth and continuous.
The coating production line mainly consists of pre-treatment electrophoresis line, sealing primer line, intermediate coating line, surface coating line, finishing line and its drying system.
The seven major components of the coating assembly line mainly include: pre-treatment equipment, powder spraying system, spray painting equipment, oven, heat source system, electric control system, suspension conveyor chain, etc.
Pretreatment equipment for coating production line
The spray type multi-station pre-treatment unit is a commonly used equipment for surface treatment, which uses mechanical scouring to accelerate chemical reactions to complete processes such as oil removal, phosphating, and water washing. The typical processes for spray pre-treatment of steel parts include pre degreasing, degreasing, water washing, water washing, surface adjustment, phosphating, water washing, water washing, and pure water washing. Pre treatment can also use shot blasting cleaning machines, suitable for steel parts with simple structure, severe rust, and no or little oil. And there is no water pollution.
Coating production line powder spraying line system
The small cyclone+filter element recovery device in powder spraying is a relatively advanced and fast color changing powder recovery device. It is recommended to choose imported products for the key parts of the powder spraying system, and all components such as the powder spraying room and electric mechanical elevator should be domestically produced.
Painting equipment for painting production line
Such as oil spray booth and water curtain booth, they are widely used for surface coating of bicycles, automotive steel plate springs, and large loaders.
Coating production line oven
The oven is one of the important equipment in the coating production line, and its temperature uniformity is an important indicator to ensure the quality of the coating. The heating methods of the oven include radiation, hot air circulation, and radiation+hot air circulation. According to the production guidelines, it can be divided into single chamber and through type, and the equipment forms include through type and bridge type. The hot air circulation oven has good insulation, uniform temperature inside the furnace, and low heat loss. After testing, the temperature difference inside the furnace is less than ± 3oC, meeting the performance indicators of similar products in advanced countries.
Coating production line heat source system
The hot air circulation is a commonly used heating method, which uses the principle of convective conduction to heat the oven and achieve the drying and solidification of the workpiece. The heat source can be selected according to the specific situation of the user: electricity, steam, gas, or fuel oil, etc. The heat source box can be determined according to the situation of the oven: placed at the top, bottom, and sides. If the circulating fan used for producing heat sources is a specially designed high-temperature resistant fan, it has a long lifespan and low energy consumption