Leveling Motor 205AZ12V

Leveling Motor 205AZ12V

  • The headlight leveling motor (headlamp leveling actuator) is a kind of motor applied in the automobile headlight dimming drive, which has the function of deceleration and transmission, and the main transmission structure is assembled by drive. Motor, gear box assembly; drive motor can be DC brush motor, DC brushless motor, stepper motor, hollow cup motor, micro motor as the drive motor, gear box can be used planetary gear box, worm gear box, custom gear box services; output power within 50W, voltage within 24V, diameter specifications within 38mm small power micro motor. headlight leveling motor (headlamp leveling actuator) usually uses custom headlight dimming motor gearbox parameters.Adjustable headlight height means that the headlight has the function of adjusting the light irradiation angle, by adjusting the headlight irradiation angle in order to get the best irradiation range, so as to improve road driving safety.

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Product number205AZ12V
Working voltage:12V

Leveling Motor 205AZ12V
Performance parameters
Item Standard values Item Standard values
Rated working voltage 12V Running speed 0.7±0.2mm/s
Working current ≤400mA Push-pull force ≥40N
Mounting dimension M5×0.8-6g Distance of travel 2.0±0.3mm
Internal/external position External
Adaptable auto mode Citroen C2
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