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Jinway Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, it’s specialized in OEM automotive lighting industry, Foucs on the tooling, assembly line , UV coating line and oven in automotive lighting.

Jinway joint together with Wenton which build UV coating line & Oven; Cexcel which build the assembly line ; and DJ Mould which build the tooling to provide the related products to our foreign customer in automotive lighting industry.

We own a strong team with many top talents to offer high-quality supporting services to OEM companies and supply them with powerful technical support. We participate in every step of developing new products directly and actively and put forward valued suggestions for new products' improvement and design.
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    Basic manufacturing requirements for headlamp leveling motor

    Basic manufacturing requirements for hea...

    This article applies to companies that manufacture headlamp leveling motors for automotive front lighting.The basic requirements of the enterprise producing headlamp leveling motor should have.I. Design and development,1、Computer-aided software should be used to design the shape and structure of the headlamp leveling motor.2、Computer-aided design software should be used to simulate the gear system of the headlamp leveling motor.

    The working principle and working process of headlight leveling motor

    The working principle and working proces...

    The headlight leveling motor control principle is through the height position sensor input signal, through the algorithm converted into a voltage signal, by the headlight control module drive motor control headlight adjustment.